Breaking Bread Distinguished Lecture SeriesĀ 


The program is named after a book entitled, Breaking Bread: Insurgent Black Intellectual Life. This text, first published in 1991, was essentially the transcription of a conversation between two noted Black academics, bell hooks and Cornell West. The book offers a window into the thinking of these two accomplished scholars, but it also helped expand our understanding of what it means to be a public intellectual. Both hooks and west, through their scholarship, seek to not only contribute to the production of knowledge, but also challenge systems of oppression and bring people together.

Reel Talk Film Series


Film series showcasing major studio and independent cinema (both documentary and feature) with the Black/Diasporic experience at the center. Our screenings incorporate discussion with faculty, film producers/actors, or relevant scholars whenever possible. Be on the lookout for the next Reel Talk film screening. Coming soon!

Black Liberation (History) Month


In conjunction with a number of campus partners, including the Black Student Union and others, the AACAE works to coordinate a number of activities and events to celebrate Black history at HSU. While the Center celebrates and promotes Black scholarship, genius, and excellence on a daily basis, we shine a special light on Black culture, politics, and community achievements in February. The Black Liberation Month planning committee begins working in the fall to put together a full calendar of activities and programs for the month. To join the Black Liberation (History) Month planning committee, contact Dr. John Johnson at

Master CLASS

A workshop series designed to provide students with critical learning strategies and institutional knowledge to better equip them to navigate the college environment and achieve academically.

Black Grad

Black Grad is an annual tradition at Humboldt State University where the campus community gathers with friends and family to celebrate and honor the academic achievements of students who identify as Black, African American, or of African descent. We recognize that for many students of Color the higher education journey through a historically or predominantly White institution can present them with unique challenges and obstacles. Black Grad is a time when we acknowledge the obstacles overcome, the perseverance, and the commitment to academic success displayed by so many students on our campus. Students who participate in Black Grad have an opportunity to express themselves and briefly address those in attendance and thank those who helped them along the way. It is a beautiful celebration of culture and academic excellence!

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